12 Highly Admirable Qualities People Have

Some people consider their own qualities, and those of other people, to be innate and unchangeable. It is fairly obvious that people vary in character and personality, and some of these variations might have a genetic and chemical basis. Having said that it is defeatist and deterministic to say that a person can not change who they are, or cultivate traits that they find admirable. Surely you believe you are able to become a better person, or why would you read blogs like this?

Here are 12 highly admirable qualities that you can enjoy cultivating:

  1. Humility

    Nobody likes a show off, and everybody appreciates someone who is humble about their talents and achievements. To find out about someone’s expertise in a natural way is much more impressive than having them boast.

  2. Generosity

    Friend in need? Family need consoling? No problem for the generous person, who always has plenty to give. Being generous doesn’t mean being material, it means adopting a mind state that wants to give to other people in whatever way possible.

  3. Good Manners

    Manners go a long way. A simple please, and thanks, a passing greeting on the street, a respectful pass on a seat to let an elderly person ride comfortably on the bus. Good manners are always an appreciated quality.

  4. Confidence

    You can’t help but admire a confident person, especially if they manage it without too much arrogance. Confidence is a person’s ability to hold themselves, and is especially tested in the face of uncertainty.

  5. Honesty

    Honesty is the best policy, and is an admirable quality, necessary for any true friendship or love affair. Without it there is no trust, but with it there is open hearts and minds.

  6. Gratitude

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    Nothing is more annoying than an ungrateful little swine, and nothing more admirable than someone who clearly admires what they have, and can be thankful for it in a genuine way.

  7. Understanding And Forgiveness

    A person with the power of understanding knows how to empathize, and also how to forgive. A person with the power to forgive can be free of hatred, and their loved ones can be free of the fear of doing them wrong.

  8. Commitment

    An admirable quality in a person is their ability to commit to what they want. Some people fall at the first hurdle, some people the last, but the strongest will run the whole track again if they know that is what they want to do.

  9. Willingness To Learn

    A willingness to learn makes for an interesting person, and is admirable because it takes time, energy, commitment, and an intelligent mind. Along with the ability to learn, is the ability to make mistakes and learn from those too.

  10. Emotional Expression

    A highly admirable quality in a person, is their ability to express their emotions in a healthy way. This means being open to talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly, to be able to laugh with joy, and cry tears of sadness where it feels appropriate. An emotionally stable person can express their emotions, but is not a victim of them.

  11. Admiration For Others

    A person unable to admire others is stuck in their own vision, their own belief, and their own self centered universe. A person who shows admiration and adoration for other people clearly includes more than themselves in their reality, and is capable of love.

  12. Compassion

    There are undoubtedly many other highly admirable qualities that could be mentioned in this list, and in some respect nearly every quality can be admirable, so long as it is expressed healthily and in appropriate measures. The final admirable quality that applies to everyone, is compassion. With compassion comes understanding, empathy, respect, and love.

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