6 Reasons To Switch Off Your Distractions

There are many types of distraction that can stunt your productivity, or drag you away from the present moment. One of the most prominent distractions is modern technology, which as you know gives you instant access to the latest information, business updates, and the social realm. In fact, it gives you access to just about anything at the click of a fingertip.

Whilst this is marvelous, it should be used as something to enhance your life, not as something to hinder it. It is up to you to switch off when the time is right. Here are six reasons to switch off your distractions regularly:

  1. Concern Yourself Less With Irrelevant Social Issues

    Sometimes you just need to switch off your distractions so that you can be free of everybody else’s problems, gossip, and the wider social realm. You do not need exposure to it everyday. Social media can bring you closer to the people you love, but it can often leave you feeling confused, connected to a bigger network more intimately than they even know the people in real life. If you find yourself wrapped up in an online social world that is much wider than your actual social world, then it is time to come back down to Earth.

  2. Come Back To Real-Life Relationships

    People texting whilst they are having a drink at the pub, phone calls in the middle of conversations, televisions blaring out blocking any chance of conversation, facebook addicts updating their status whilst they are out at a theme park; these are all common situations that you might find yourself in a battle with. The truth is, whilst technology may connect you when you are apart from your friends, it often disconnects you when you are with them. Switch off your distractions, and come back to real life relationships. You don’t need to be connected to a virtual social realm if you are in good company right now.

  3. Give Your Brain A Break

    In this day and age information is not difficult to come by. Quite the opposite there is arguably too much information incoming everyday, so much so that it is difficult to make sense of the world. You get news streams, social streams, financial streams, emails, phone calls, adverts, and soap operas smashing against your brain everyday. In order to give yourself a break you should switch off your distractions every now and then, and have some time to yourself, just to sit down and be free of information overload.

  4. Free Up Time For New Activities

    It is not uncommon to hear people expressing how little spare time they have, yet often they play an addictive mobile phone game, or watch television for six hours a day. Television and gaming can be a relaxing way to wind down after work, but if you have an urge to pursue an interest or a hobby, or learn something new, then maybe it is best to switch off and win yourself several hours of spare time to use to add depth to your life.

  5. Be More Productive

    Technology can also distract you from your work. A quick look on facebook can turn into hours of pointless browsing, and a text message barrage can pull you out of the zone, and away from your work. There is always procrastination just a click away. To minimize this you should turn off your distractions.

  6. Be In Tune With The Present Moment

    You are walking through a beautiful forest, soaking in the rays of the sun as they seep through the gaps in the branches of the trees, cascading towards the damp earthy soil. Birds sing in the trees and the crunch of a branch in the undergrowth lets you know you are not alone. Then your phone rings, breaking all suspense, and all of the power of that serene moment. If you want to stay in tune with the present moment, when you are engaged in an activity, spending time in nature, or sharing some food with a loved one, then it is time to turn off the distractions.

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