7 Ways To Be A More Positive Person

Sometimes life can get you down, and that is okay so long as you can spring back up again. Being positive makes you easier to be around, opens you up to a world of opportunity, and ultimately makes for a happier life. Here are seven ways to be a more positive person:

  1. Focus On What You Have Already

    A positive person is happy with what they have, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a Rolls Royce and a giant fountain in your garden. There is plenty to be happy about, and the first step to being a positive person is to open your eyes to what is already in your life. Make a list if it helps. Think about your loved ones, your interests, the fact that you have shelter, food, water, and the fact that you are alive. Focus on everything, material and immaterial, large and small. Appreciate it right now.

  2. Love The Little Things

    Appreciate not only what you have in your own life, but also the little things in life itself. There is plenty to be positive about if you can appreciate the smallest of gestures, the cool breeze in the leaves, or the most subtle sign of love. Be positive about day-to-day life, in all its mundane beauty, and you will be well on the way to happiness. Life is a gift.

  3. Watch Your Thoughts

    Negative thinking plagues the mind, and can cause you to overlook all of the positive goings on around you. A negative mind picks up on mostly negative signals from the outside world, whilst a positive mind allows mostly positivity through its filters. When you catch yourself in negative thinking, flip the thought by immediately thinking about something positive that is related. This might take practice, but can help you to stay in control of your mind, and keep it thinking positively.

  4. Learn To Forgive

    If you can learn to forgive then you will not have a bad word to say (or think) about anyone. To forgive you need to think with your heart, not with your ego. Your ego says things like, “they don’t deserve me as a friend”, or “I wouldn’t do that to them,” whereas your heart finds the understanding to forgive. If you can forgive then massive weights will be lifted like dark clouds from your mind, leaving you free to be a more positive person.

  5. See Mistakes As Opportunities For Growth

    Positive people still make mistakes. The only difference is that a positive person is more likely to learn from their mistakes, and to take something from them, ready to start again armed with new knowledge and experience. There is no such thing as failure.

  6. Make Changes

    Sometimes no amount of positive thinking can make you happy. This occurs if you need to change something, and then it is positive action that is required. If you feel like you are suck in a rut, or that something is not quite right in your life, then you need to identify it, and deal with it in a manner that is constructive. You will be a more positive person when you feel that you are happy with your circumstances in life.

  7. Be Compassionate

    More than any other piece of advice, this one will give you a complete fast track to becoming a positive person. Compassion is the glue that holds the human race together, and your friends, family, partner, children, dog, and work colleagues will all appreciate it if they know you have a compassionate heart. Be there for people when they need you, and they will be there for you too. Positivity breeds positivity, so the compassion will spread like wildfire.

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